Hello & Finally Hakko TO online shop open!

Hello & Finally Hakko TO online shop open!

Happy 2022 new year everyone!
Hello Fermenter or Health conscious person!
(We know that if you check our web site, Yes you are!)

For us, we finally open our online website.
Here is Hakko TO online shop

Even online shop, it wasn't easy to open because of busy.
BUT this is an excused!
I know if you really want to do something, you will do it right away.

We actually wanted to open real store because we love to talk & share our products in person.
But you know that it is not easy for physical and cost so on in this situation....
So we decided to open online shop!

We will lead/advise your fermentation journey,
OR please request us if you need something.
We will find for you for your Hakko Life!

Stay tuned!

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