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Hakko TO

Hakko TO. Shio-Koji (Salted Koji) 250g

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One of our recommend product!
Our customer repeat to purchase this item, or our customer make Shio-Koji by themself. Because made from Koji & Salt & Water.

Salted rice malt (salt-marinated rice malt) is called 
shio-koji in Japanese.
This is one of the Japanese seasoning that is made by aging and fermenting a mixture of koji rice, salt, and water.
As you know digestive enzyme produced by koji makes meat and fish tender, and it brings out the flavor and richness (umami and koku in Japanese) of the raw ingredients.

There are innumerable types of enzyme produced by koji, and 3 major digestive enzyme are the following:
Amylase: Decompose starch into sugar to give sweetness
Protease: Decompose protein into amino acid to bring out umami, and to tenderize food
Lipase: Decompose fat into fatty acid and glycerin to lose greasy

Use Shio-Koji instead of salt.
 is a mixture of salt and koji, so it has basically salty taste.
But it’s not just salty, it’s mildly salty and you can definitely feel umami.
The flavor is also excellent and unique which come from koji rice.

Perfect for all seasoning, Ka-ra-a-ge(Japanese style flied chiken), steak, dressing, Tsu-ke-mo-no(Japanese style pickle),and more!

Ingredient: Rice Koji, Salt, Water   250g